I had a divine download the other morning during one of my meditations and I wanted to share it with you. Suddenly these words came to me and it was a huge moment of clarity:

“You are a gift, not a burden.”

Even if you don’t remember anything else – remember this!!!

I don’t know about you but I have spent most of my life feeing like a burden.

Carrying these crazy beliefs that I’m not good enough or that I’m just literally taking up space.

I believed that I wasn’t bringing enough to the table to “prove my worth”.

And these are the exact beliefs that kept me stuck. They kept me from showing up confidently as my highest self!

The realization that I am in fact a gift brought about a huge emotional release and some immense clarity in all areas of my life, and I thought that maybe you could use this reminder as well.

The time for playing small is in the past.

The time for being timid or unsure, and feeling like you aren’t good enough – that’s in the past now too.

This is your time to step up & release all the baggage and old limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

This is your time to proudly flaunt the incredible gift that you are!!

This is your time to love every little piece of your being, regardless of what you think other people might be thinking or saying about you!!

When you accept and truly believe that you are a gift your whole energy shifts and the world opens up.

All you have to do is let go of the past and start believing in yourself. Believe in all the amazing qualities you have – even if you haven’t always seen them! 

The world sees your radiance and glow everyday. It’s time for you to see it too!

If you’re ready to release the old image you have of yourself, release the years of pain, struggle, and self-doubt… If you’re ready to see the true radiance and glow in yourself that everyone else sees when they look at you – apply to join my Inner Presence Mastermind!

In only 90-days you will learn how to release all the limitations that are keeping you stuck and then rebuild yourself up to be the most confident and radiant version of yourself. The version who can see all the strengths and abilities within, and who KNOWS wholeheartedly that you are a gift. 

Become the highest version of yourself who isn’t afraid to chase after the life you’ve always dreamed of. When you own your worth you’ll no longer have the doubts and questions of:
“Who am I to have that?”
“I’m not good enough”
“I don’t deserve that kind of success or love” or
“But what will other people think of me?”

Your highest self is infinite and is a gift to the world. You just need to release and uncover that highest self in order to shine bright and feel confident in all that you do!

Let go of the years of pain and baggage that are weighing you down, tear down all of the layers of things you’ve heard or been told that are keeping you from really reaching your potential.

Allow yourself to be the true gift that you are.

If you’re ready to do that – check out the Inner Presence Mastermind now!

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