A simple mindset shift you can apply right this second is to start seeing all the beauty around you!

Too many people feel stuck in their circumstances, and when you feel stuck that’s all you’re going to focus on.

Bear with me as I nerd out for a second to explain 🤓🧠

The reticular activating system (RAS) in the brain focuses on finding things to reaffirm your beliefs and thoughts.

This means that if you’re focusing on what’s going wrong in your life or what’s wrong in yourself, your RAS is being programmed to pick up signals to match it.

That’s why when you feel in a funk you continue to notice the negative things going on around you!! 

But you can reprogram your RAS by focusing on the beauty! 

Focus on the positives in each situation. Focus on being grateful and put all your energy towards the good! 

There is always a silver lining and even if your circumstance isn’t what you’d like it to be, or your physical appearance isn’t what you believe to be “perfect” – there is still some sort of beauty in all of it!

Sometimes you just have to change your perspective or look a bit harder to find it.

Focus on the beauty and you will start to see it multiply. 

Focus on the beauty and life will become a bit easier and more fun! 

Need some help shifting your mindset from negative to positive?! You’re not alone!! 

It can be a big shift after spending years of programming your mind in a certain way! It’s like you’re trying to do a 180 degree turn and if you don’t have the support, guidance and accountability it can be SUPER easy to fall back into the old patterns. 

Check out my Inner Presence Mastermind to learn how the releasing, reprogramming, and healing work can totally transform your life! It’s time to take your power back and create the best opportunity to really see all the beauty that’s around you! 

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