You deserve to be your own biggest cheerleader!!

Maybe you were brought up in a similar way to me… being told to be polite, inclusive and to never brag.

These things are all great – but sometimes as kids we can take them too literally!

No matter what I’ve gone through in life, good or bad, I still struggle to be proud of who I am! I struggle to share what I’ve done because I’m afraid to sound cocky or conceited, or to come across as though I think I’m the only one whose gone through certain things.

I have this belief that people will judge me or think I believe I’m the “end all be all” when really I’m just a girl who is trying her best and is PROUD of who she is!💃🏼

What finally clicked for me is that my struggles or successes don’t take away from yours, and they don’t make me any “better” or “worse” than you either!

I have come to realize that but I hope you do too!

It all just makes me who I am and that is something I should be allowed to celebrate!

I decided I’m not going to play small anymore or dim my light to please others!

Things I’m proud I overcame:
💔Losing my brother when I was 18
💔The stress of almost being hit by 2 propane tanks while driving on the highway 💔Being sexually assaulted
💔Flipping and rolling my car 4x
💔Deeply-rooted anxiety & insecurities

Things I’ve achieved that I’m proud of:
✨My university scholarship to play volleyball
✨Working with elephants in Sri Lanka
✨Various certifications in spiritual and holistic healing
✨Being featured in the Dodo, Self Magazine, and many others
✨Helping my clients overcome major anxiety, insecurities, and traumatic pasts to start living lives they’d always dreamed of
✨Being a light for those who follow me on social media

I don’t think I should have to hide these things or be afraid to sound cocky!

To all those reading this -> thank you for being a part of my journey! Thank you for your support!🤗

I hope you’ll continue to find value in what I share and I hope you realize that YOU also deserve to feel unapologetically in love and proud of yourself!!

Stop playing small. Start celebrating YOU! 💕💕💕

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