I want to shed light on a few myths that might be affecting you right now in your career (and life in general!). I used to believe ALL these myths, and I’m not here to say they are 100% wrong, I just want to explain how believing fully in them could be holding you back in major ways! 

1️⃣ you have to hustle to succeed.
Here’s the thing – hustle isn’t sustainable. If you’re stuck in the hustle and avoiding breaks, you’ll never learn to appreciate exactly where you are and you’ll end up burnt out and exhausted.

I’m not taking away from hard work and dedication- but look at it longterm. You need a balance otherwise your energy will drain pretty darn fast. Work smarter not harder!

2️⃣ Commitment = no time off.
There seems to be a huge prevalence of people who think breaks and holidays are a sign of weakness. Reality is, when you recharge and refill your own cup you actually show up better in the world!

Holidays and breaks are a way of celebrating your own success and hard work while valuing your personal needs and giving yourself the clarity & healing necessary to continue making the impact you want to make!

3️⃣every man for himself.
The days of competition are over. There is NO way to make it through life without support. Teamwork and collaboration not only allow for new ideas to spark but also bigger breakthroughs because you get to learn from THEIR experience instead of waiting to make the mistakes yourself.

Save time, energy, and money by investing in coaches, programs, and support from those who have done what you want to do. You weren’t meant to struggle alone!

4️⃣if they succeed I can’t.
The belief that someone else’s success is taking away from your own is a MAJOR myth. Every single person on this earth has a Unique gift. You are different than I am. I am different than the next person. None of that matters or makes someone “better” or “worse”.

Even if we are in the exact same line of work or offering the same service, my energy will attract different people than yours will. There are 7.5 billion people on the planet who need help with SOMETHING.

Collaboration isn’t going to keep your dream clients from finding you. But the belief that it will is going to keep you from the fast track to success that you could otherwise have.

Embrace the journey.
Recharge when needed.
Find your tribe.
Rise together. 🙏🏼💕

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