Do you find yourself struggling with self-doubt & unworthiness way too often??

A lot of my clients come to me with this issue and in all honesty, it’s actually a sense of distorted reality.

It’s like no matter how successful they are, what they’ve overcome or achieved, or how talented they are – they still question if they are good enough!

Maybe you’ve felt that way before too, I know I spent about 20 years in this place before I figured it out!

It’s important to realize that your ego might be distorting reality for you.

It might be saying things like “you’re not good enough”, or “who are YOU to be doing that?” or “it’s impossible, you’ll never get there.”

These thoughts lead you down the track into FEELING the emotions, and it’s the feeling that most often keeps people stuck.

Because let’s be honest- the feelings feel real!!

And it’s absolutely no fun to have your own mind (thoughts of the ego) and body (the feelings) teaming up against you.

You need to un-learn your current programming and implement new habits. Habits that are going to help you build up your confidence until you soar! Because the truth is, everyone is naturally different.

We don’t compare apples to oranges and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people!

My strengths might be different than yours but yours are still crazy valuable!

Don’t let your ego tell you that your gifts aren’t “enough”.

Don’t let self-doubt make you feel like you aren’t good enough because you’re different. Your difference is your superpower!!

And don’t continue to stay stuck in the prison of hopelessness and unworthiness! Life doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’re ready to break out of the nasty cycle of self-doubt once and for all so you can finally show up as your best self, full of the confidence you need to live out all of your dreams – click here and apply for an interview call!

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