As someone with an above average sweet tooth I still catch myself craving cookies or little treats, especially in the evenings. I’m so used to having dessert every night (and multiple cookies or baked goods throughout the day) that my transition to a healthier lifestyle has had it’s tough moments! 

Since cutting out refined sugar and really limiting my gluten intake, it can be hard to satisfy the craving for baked goods. But one of my favourite snacks which actually was so easy to find especially when I was travelling was those little “bliss balls” or protein balls. These are so simple to make and you can really adapt them to meet your own needs or restrictions! Regardless of what you add in, they are the perfect substitute for sugary treats that will still satisfy your sweet-tooth! 

Here is my favourite version of the recipe at the moment.

Sugar-free Protein Bliss Balls ☺️💚

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix in the wet ingredients and until it becomes a sticky consistent. Form into little balls or make into a protein bar by flattening it into a pan! Keep sealed in the fridge so they last longer and enjoy whenever you need a sweet snack! 😻

Makes 8-10 balls.

Ready to make your own?! Grab all the ingredients by heading to Healthy Planet Canada!! They ship across Canada and America, making your shopping so easy! Use the code “KaraHealth” for 10% off your order of $150 or more! And make sure you tag me on Instagram (@karmic.kara) when you get your order and make the Bliss Balls! I love to see the Healthy Planet vibes spread! ☺️

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