Embrace all seasons, embrace all elements, embrace the divine equality of all. 👁🌊

Were you feeling the energy of the new moon the other day?! 🙋🏻‍♀️

As a highly sensitive person and an empath who has gone through her fair share of struggles (losing my brother, being sexually assaulted, having a traumatic car accident, etc) – I’m no stranger to crying!

But honestly, to me it is refreshing.
It’s a chance to shed and make way for the new.

Crying is my favourite kind of therapy.

If I’m super happy, super sad, or somewhere in between – there’s a pretty good chance I will be shedding some tears lol.

But it really boggles me that society makes crying so weird.
“don’t cry in public”
“keep it to yourself”
“crying makes you weak”
“and sure as hell don’t post any selfies or videos of it” 😂😂 #oops

Personally I think it takes strength to cry. I think it takes strength and courage to actually FEEL what’s going on in your body & the world around you!

A lot of my client calls the past few days involved women breaking down over the phone.

And they ALWAYS ended up apologizing for being so emotional or called themselves a “hot mess” as if crying was a bad thing.

But we all have emotions, we all have struggles, we all need to release and we all need to be heard!

Be kind to yourself if you’re hurting and be kind to others if you see that they are hurting. There’s enough toxic energy in the world as it is…

Let out what you need to and support others who are doing so.

And remember that we are all connected to something way bigger than ourselves.

If the moon cycle affects the tide of the ocean, how could it not affect human beings who are over 60% water?🌒

I’m telling ya – it’s divine connection. Learn to embrace it and ride the wave! 🙏🏼💕

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