Without even realizing it, your subconscious might be blocking you right this very second.

Blocking you from joy, love, abundance… everything you’ve ever wanted!💕💸

The reason I do the work I do is because growing up I had so many limiting beliefs and struggles. I never thought I was good enough, I thought there was no such thing as a good guy, and I believed money was hard to earn and that I couldn’t make money as a compassionate, spiritual person.

Have you ever said any of those things to yourself? Are you still struggling to receive the opposite?!

If your subconscious believes things like “I’m not worthy” or “love and money are difficult” and if it’s holding onto stories from your past that prove those beliefs to be true… you’re going to have a pretty hard time finding the opposite show up in your life!!

No amount of Law of Attraction or Manifestation is going to bring things to you if you’re subconsciously blocking yourself!

A few months ago I had another profound meditation practice where I went all the way back into the womb. I felt the negative energy of my mom as she was upset at my dad for being so busy with work while she was watching my 3-year old brother and carrying an unborn baby (me).

I felt her energy and emotions and I had associated it with the belief that I wasn’t good enough. I thought was second in my dad’s eyes because he chose work first… and that led me to believe I would never be good enough for anyone.

Pretty crazy huh?! 🤯

But during the meditation I realized that this was never the truth… that was just the story that was created!!! The real truth was that my dad was busy working BECAUSE he loved us and he was trying to provide financially, and my mom was hurt and emotional for good reasons! Neither my mom or dad were to blame for what became my belief, it’s all in the way we interpret things!!

If I wouldn’t have done that meditation and released that major block I would have still been subconsciously telling myself the same story I’d been telling myself for 20+ years… the story that I didn’t deserve joy, love, or money because I wasn’t good enough!!

This is why the inner work is SO important. More important than you might even realize!

Want to learn how this work can help you?! Book a Free 45-minute Breakthrough Call with me so we can dive into this and I can help you create a plan to move forward free from these blocks! 

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