Why do i need the 30-day Breakthrough?

Sometimes you just need a bit of help and support without all the calls and coursework!! If you want my support on your journey but don’t feel ready to commit to ongoing coaching, the 30-Day Breakthrough is for you! This bundle includes: ONE 60-minute start-up call plus 30 days of Voxer text and audio support.

First thing’s first – Voxer is a walkie talkie messaging app for live voice messaging and text. 

This allows YOU to get support, guidance and feedback on anything you desire or need in the easiest way possible! Whether you’ve hit a roadblock and are feeling stuck with how to navigate your way through, or you’re ready to release a major block and know you need on-going support, or you’re ready to up-level and want the accountability to keep you on track! The 30-Day Breakthrough is here to provide you with AMAZING support and transformation, and access to my guidance, insight and tools WHENEVER you want it! Because let’s be real – you are a busy person and you want support, guidance and answers ASAP. You don’t have time to wait for your call or appointment a week down the road.. you don’t want to keep spinning your wheels when struggles or hurdles pop up… you want help exactly when you need it!! 

*1x 60-minute call to kickstart your Breakthrough (VALUE $299)
*30-days of Voxer support (begins the day of your call) (VALUE: $999)

Total Investment: Only $799 USD

This is an affordable option that is going to allow you to make MASSIVE transformation and progress by having this 1-on-1 access to me. So much can happen in 30-days, especially when you have the support, guidance, and tools that are catered to EXACTLY what’s going on in your life! 

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