“Before joining the Inner Presence Mastermind I didn’t think I deserved any better and I was stuck in a lot of negative and fearful patterns. Kara helped me with a lot but the 3 most transformative weeks were, Past Struggles, Fear & Anxiety, and Limiting Beliefs & Patterns. The entire course as a whole is where the real healing and releasing happened but it all started when I began to release my past struggles. I now feel like I have FREEDOM, AWARENESS, and GRATITUDE. Freedom from my anxiety, my negative perspective, and my old way of living. Awareness of my thoughts which allows me to change my perspective if need be, awareness of how I’m showing up in each moment of my life, and awareness around my anxiety that allows me to address the deeper underlying issue happening in order to heal and release. And gratitude! I always found gratitude very hard because my anxious mind always looked back with regret and forward with fear. So how could I be grateful? But through learning how to release my anxiety I am truly grateful to my past for leading me to this moment, I am truly grateful to all the lessons I have learnt and will continue to learn, and I am truly grateful to the synchronicity that brought this Mastermind course into my life. I had been going to therapy for a long time before joining the Inner Presence Mastermind but through the course I found such powerful shifts and my therapist actually told me I don’t have to go back anymore!! Kara’s course design is beyond what I ever imagined it to be, it flows and links so effortlessly. I’m truly grateful to have begun this work with Kara and even more that I can continue this work with her support. –Briahne 

“I was stuck in a really negative mindset before working with Kara and I was struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, and depersonalization. I didn’t think I would ever get out of this place, but from working with Kara I was able to shift out of this place and I actually went and toured Europe by myself!! Three months ago I wouldn’t have even imagined planning a trip, let alone taking one. I went paragliding in Austria, skiing in the Czech Alps, and it was just because of the help Kara gave and the Inner Presence Mastermind. She is such a caring and genuine person and I’m super super grateful because I’ve come such a long way! A mental disorder takes time, effort, and dedication to make yourself a better person and overcome the anxiety or any mental condition you have, and she helped me achieve that in just 3 months!”  -Jamie Lee

“I started this program because my mental health was suffering a lot and it was finally time that I took control to get support and guidance. I suffer from anxiety, depression and panic disorder, plus I had a lot of negative beliefs and bottled up trauma from my past. Thanks to the Inner Presence Mastermind I feel like I have more control over my issues and have learned how to better love myself. Kara gives so much support and offers incredible meditations that help you release and relax at the same time. I have noticed improvements after every meditation. People have been recognizing my confidence, positive outlook, kindness and growth a lot more which is really encouraging! I love that I have access to all these amazing tools to continue to support myself and work at positive habits and mindset changes. I feel like I can accomplish more than before and I know that by continuously applying myself to the program I will learn to get fully unstuck from life and reach my goals and dreams some day!” -Amara

“I was working through a lot of deeply-rooted trauma when I met Kara and I was in the process of trying to find ways to let it all go so I could finally start fresh. She helped me identify a lot of blocks and offered guidance on what steps I could be taking in order to get some of the deep release I was looking for. Kara seriously changed my life and the words she spoke have been ringing through my head so much since we talked. Because of her help I’m really looking forward to the future and my healing. Her strength, vulnerability, and courage have really touched me and filled me up. The world needs Kara’s services and her love. I’m so happy that she is available to people who are struggling. She is SUCH a light in the world and I feel honoured to know her!” -Alexandra

“Before I met Kara I was struggling with PTSD, anxiety, and unresolved past trauma. All of these things led to a lot of unhealthy habits and I felt like nothing was working. I tried therapy, I tried medications like Prozac but nothing changed. Thanks to Kara I learned the tools I needed and I was able to totally break out of the struggle to be in a new place! I started traveling and backpacked Southeast Asia on my own, I met so many cool people and did things I’d always dreamed of. And on top of that – I have since started my own coaching business so I can help empower other women to break out of the same place I was in for too long. Thank you Kara for everything!” -Julia Rose

“Best life coach I’ve ever come across!!! I love The Secret, The Magic, The Power of Now, The Universe Has Your Back, watching Ted Talks and listening to the Calm & Headspace apps… I love Louise Hay, Ferne Cotton, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Sahara Rose… and they are all amazing and I thank them daily for their work and spirituality….but FORGET all the books, hours of research, podcasts, apps, trying and testing, looking for what suits you….you want the real deal and Kara is the one. Thank the Universe for her – healing from true experiences in a raw, honest and relatable manner. I recommend her and her programs to everyone I know. If you are looking for a bit of support, guidance or inspiration, Kara is your girl! You have nothing to lose, only everything to gain. My life is perfect now thanks to her and the Inner Presence Mastermind. THANK YOU KARA!” -Jade

“Before this programme I was a miserable and negative human. I struggled with anxiety and I never felt good enough for anyone. I decided I wanted to change all of that because I had just moved to Vancouver from London and I wanted a fresh start. Kara has been amazing, so positive and non judgemental on anything, I have really opened up to her and felt completely comfortable. After only one month of the course I had already learned to forgive those who I blamed for my feeling of worthlessness and my anxiety levels had gone right down. People have actually commented on how much happier I seem within myself. I really recommend this programme to anyone feeling the way I did, so far, I can honestly say, it’s been nothing but great for my mental health and I’m looking forward to this journey of happiness and loving myself.” -Carla

“I am so grateful to have come across Kara’s Inner Presence Mastermind class! I joined the course to help gain clarity on past issues with my family/myself… also to understand my own journey to self healing. By one month in I had already gained so much insight and clarity, even on issues I thought I had already resolved with myself. Kara has helped me see things in a different light and I’m so grateful for that! I feel like I have a better relationship with myself and my loved ones. I also love how much my relationship with meditation has grown!! I look forward every week to her meditation videos.” -Megan

“Before the Inner Presence Mastermind I was struggling with stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. I wanted to become more confident in myself and my overall abilities, to let go of self conflicting thoughts in my mind and not be so negative with everyone. From this program I’ve learned how to believe in myself, my abilities and my unique talents. I know I have a special purpose to serve others and that I’m able to become a strong leader and individual. I’ve learned that my opinion does matter and is valuable to changing another person’s life, which is so inspiring to hear… especially hearing that on a daily basis is what I have needed! I’ve also seen a change in mindset from negative to positive. I always used to get defensive when I was talking with my family members and now with a few of the relaxation/breathing techniques that came up during the Mastermind it has not only helped with my anxiety but with my general ability to interact on a positive and effective level with others. Kara has been such an amazing support system for myself, especially since before the Mastermind I used to keep my thoughts bottled up inside, however, now I’m slowly starting to get out of my shell. This program is the greatest thing I have ever done and anyone self-doubting themselves about whether this program is right for you, it has provided with results that I never thought were possible!! Kara opened up a whole new perspective; things are looking up for me and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.” -Neal

“I had a lot of self-doubt and old beliefs from my childhood. I was starting a new business but always questioned myself and my value… I was comparing myself to others and felt like I wouldn’t make my parents proud. Kara really helped me deal with my self-doubt issues. I’ve never gone so deep into myself to the root of the problem all these years, but she got me to finally face it and taught me how to deal with it! It was emotional to work through but I felt so released after! I also learned how to accept and appreciate myself, letting go of the need to be perfect and let all those negative emotions stay in the past while I move forward. Kara gave me the courage to be confident that I am actually more than enough!!!”  -Venus

“I started the Inner Presence Mastermind program because I’ve been dealing with anxiety my entire life. These last few years have been especially hard and I was at a point where I didn’t know what to do anymore. I have been following Kara on instagram for years now, and have always admired her determination and drive to help others. I noticed that she was doing a program to help overcome anxieties, fears, past struggles, and to develop techniques that change the way you think for an overall happier life. I was hoping to learn how to deal with my anxiety in a healthier way, learn how to “rewire” my brain so that any time I’m going through stress or hard times, I can be calm and less likely to have a panic attack. From this program I have noticed a drastic change in the way I react to events in my life. I no longer feel consumed. I feel like my mindset on things has changed and I finally feel free from my own mind and like I have control over my life and my thoughts. It’s a truly amazing feeling to be free from the things that I thought were never going to go away, especially my anxiety. I never felt good enough and always felt like I wasn’t strong enough to overcome my thoughts, anxieties, fears, or past struggles which gave me a really low sense of self worth. Through this program, I’ve grown my confidence and feel so at peace with who I am and the past that made me the way that I am. I finally feel like I can handle anything that life throws at me, even if it’s hard, my mindset has changed so much. My self worth is continuing to grow and it’s such a phenomenal feeling. I’m so thankful to Kara for creating this program for people to flourish from and I can personally swear by it. The content is available for you at any time, Kara is always available to help in anyway, and she has created a community where people are able to interact, help one another out and provide feedback. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be apart of something so great, and I truly believe that anyone who takes this program will benefit greatly.” -Erica

“I approached Kara for help with my anxiety and confidence. It was something I’d been working on for a while but still struggled with. Her guidance and suggestions helped me overcome my anxiety in college and the accountability kept me in check to take all this seriously. Things were so much better after only a few weeks!” -Randy

“I would like to preface this by saying that Kara is one of the most genuine souls you will ever meet. Kara has most recently been helping me through a difficult time in my life. I have been struggling with health issues over the past couple of years and she has been the best coach through it all. I had booked a call with her recently and she didn’t hesitate to set time aside to be an incredible listener (even if I felt crazy venting all of my biggest insecurities to her). She was the best unbiased source that I could have opened up to. I left that phone call feeling so much lighter. She gave me great techniques and tools to help conquer (irrational but very real) fears that had built up inside of me due to awful experiences and scary times in my life. While healing from all of these difficult instances, Kara has always been there for me as a coach. Her demeanor is so pleasant and I guarantee that she will make you feel like an old friend within minutes of meeting her. I truly believe that by her going through some pretty traumatic experiences of her own, she is on the path to helping SO many others heal as well. I simply cannot say enough good things about her.”  -Hanna

“I started the Inner Presence Mastermind program recently and I feel so much better. Kara not only helps you overcome your limitations, but she also informs you on why you had those limitations in the first place. She listens really well and gives off a caring and supportive feeling.Thanks to Kara I have come to understand just how much my mind and actions influence my day. Her contents are so great and I am always excited for the next day so I can start the next exercise. I highly recommend Kara and Being Karmic to anyone who wants to get to the next level with someone who will keep them accountable and feel supported the whole way through.”   -Roman

“Before working with Kara in the Inner Presence Bootcamp I was struggling with a lot of self doubt and fear from my childhood. I was in the process of starting my own business but had a hard time really seeing myself being successful. I felt stuck and hopeless.  Great opportunities would come but I would sabotage it in one way or another. Kara provided me with some useful tools that really helped me free myself from my limitations of my past. I was able to deal with my self-doubt and fear. This program has truly helped me learn how to believe in myself again and overcome my past.  Working with Kara has opened a whole new perspective for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH KARA!”  -Michelle

“This program has helped me work through a lot of self esteem and confidence issues. Before the bootcamp I was struggling with insecurities and I wanted to be able to stop the limiting beliefs that swirl through my head. Working with Kara has given me the tools I need to life the live I deserve to. I am stronger every day because of her, and I am so grateful we’ve connected. Can not wait to see how my life progresses from here!” -Laurenda

“Kara helped me find clarity around what was keeping me stuck. I was subconsciously holding onto an image of myself that kept me in many negative patterns and feeling unworthy and insecure. She helped me uncover this and finally realize where my blocks and limitations were stemming from based on myself from my days as an overweight girl. That was such a profound revelation! In the last 24 hours since processing the depth of that insight from her my shoulders have unclenched, the tension – that physical manifestation of the block is gone!!! I have been sprightlier and more motivated to keep true to my purpose and my work!! God sends angels when you need them most to give you the message you need to hear and you, Kara – my dear compassionate divine light – did just that for me!!! I remain eternally grateful for you and the gift you gave me! Sending you SO SO SO much love. Thank you Kara!!” -Paayal

“Wow, the Inner Presence Bootcamp is eyeopening! The videos are bit sized but powerful, allowing time to digest each section has reaped rewards! My tip – be willing to be honest and open to reflecting deeply! By being honest with myself and what I have experienced and identifying my limiting beliefs I am learning that there is a way through them for the better! There are lots of “aha” moments to be discovered if you invest time in this program. Don’t be tempted to skip over what makes you uncomfortable, be curious and find out why! I can’t recommend this enough, thank you Kara!!” -Alice

“Kara helped me through a time when I felt I had no one else. She listened and helped me find clarity in all the things that were keeping me stuck (with work and life). I also appreciate how she shares about her own struggles and keeps everything real when we’re working through my struggles!!” -Kayla

“Before I came across the Inner Presence Bootcamp I was really in a period of transition. I was looking for clarity around what’s best for me and how to make those things happen. This program itself is well thought-out, with each module in the perfect place and it has helped me a lot with finding clarity in areas of my life where I was feeling really stuck! You will find Kara engaging and easily relatable. The information she provides is full of wisdom and her delivery is warm and encouraging. I will come back to these modules many times!” -Traci

“Kara helped me with accountability and keeping me on track with my goals. She is a great listener and provides a safe space to work through whatever it is you need help with. Her level of support and kindness really shows in her coaching and how she connects with her clients, always putting them first.” -Eric

“Kara is strength personified. She captivates others by sharing her experiences and bringing in new perspectives. She has been a huge inspiration to me and I look forward to our calls every week!” -Andrew

“Kara is an extraordinary person who shares her message to remind us what is important in life. She influences me to be a better partner, a better mom, a better person in general! She is an inspiration and I’m grateful she has touched my life.” -Yvonne

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