What is included in the Release to Thrive 90-day program?

  • Bi-weekly 60-minute calls with me over 90 days (6 total)

  • 2 Bonus 30-min Clarity Calls between sessions

  • Voxer messaging support Mon-Fri between calls 

  • Access to IPM Online Classroom to supplement the private calls ($5000 Value!)

  • Access to IPM Private Facebook Group

  • Access to IPM Bi-Weekly Group Calls 

This is 90-days of serious transformation and the person who leaves Release to Thrive is never the same as the one who entered! If you show up, listen, do the work, and trust my guidance you are guaranteed to make all the breakthroughs and then some over these 90-days!!

What you can expect from me is constant support, a newfound sense of clarity, tools that I’ve learned over the past 8 years from training with Coaches and Healers around the world and taking various certifications, and you can guarantee that I will have you seeing your life and your abilities in a totally new light!!

From working together previous clients have been able to:

  • quit therapy

  • handle and manage their anxiety, depression, and panic disorders

  • release deep-rooted trauma around sexual assault

  • overcome crippling anxiety to leave their house and back-pack Europe alone

  • heal and repair relationships with family members and partners

  • have the confidence to apply for their dream jobs (and get hired!)

  • attract media features and huge collaborations for their business
  • love who they see in the mirror

  • reconnect to their soul’s purpose and find their voice

  • find major health breakthroughs

  • work through addiction recovery

  • take charge in work and start running their business from a place of confidence

  • separate themselves from their thoughts or fears

  • rebuild a new image and persona of themselves to one that is empowered

  • break out of negative patterns

  • take action to make their dreams a reality

And because they continue to have access to these life changing tools, whenever they have any setbacks, struggles, moments of anxiety, fear, or insecurities they can dive into their toolbox and break out of any negative patterns or habits ASAP.

For more examples check out the Testimonials. 

If you’re ready to Release to Thrive book your Interview Call here so my team can make sure you’re a good fit for my programs!!

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